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I am a creative technologist, artist, human-AI interaction designer, researcher and PhD student from Mexico currently based in Sydney. 

I am passionate about designing creative collaborations between humans and AI.

This involves collaborations in varied domains: from making art to managing ecosystems.

About me

I studied Computer Engineering. During uni, I founded a student-run data science lab for social good and worked at a number of startups before joining Google.

I left big tech to ask big questions about technology at the 3AI institute at the Australian National University, where I received a scholarship to participate in an experimental master's program addressing the most pressing AI questions from an interdisciplinary lens. 

I then worked at the CSIRO, the Australian national science agency, collaborating with indigenous rangers to develop AI-enabled technology for environmental monitoring that is culturally responsible and useful. 

I am currently doing a PhD at UNSW Art & Design, exploring how AI can be a creative partner to humans, focusing on developing dialogic interactions. 

More recently, I founded H+AI studio, a human-AI interaction design studio through which I develop art installations, AI-enabled creativity tools and provide consulting. 

I believe in

What we do

calm technology, fun technology, creative technology, less technology, tools that make us healthier (individually and collectively), bicycles, doing more with less, designing for a longer now, creativity as an exploration, communities, parks, natural food, movement, sleeping, music, poetry, forests, materializing ideas, a 4-hour work day for all, the sun and remembering that I'm a primate. 

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